Wanted to try it. Hehehehe! :)

Wanted to try it. Hehehehe! :)

How did geography influence Egyptian life?

With all those natural boundaries, Egypt seemed virtually impenetrable. The Red Sea, The Mediterranean Sea and those scorching deserts! You have to think twice if you’re considering to invade a land such as this!

From the outside, Egypt may seem a dead land, a God forsaken land but deep within those damned sand-lands, lies a river of youth. The Nile River supplies the Egyptians with all they need! Water, vegetation, food and survival! 


How does the rise of cities affect the establishment of a civilization?

Today, we can see cities filled with thousands of people. It contains people who share their ideas and learn from each other. A city isn’t solely founded on physical things. You can’t have a city without government. You can’t have one without the establishments of institutions. These are what a city consists of. It is a venue; a permanent venue at that for man to live in. It is his HOME. 

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1. How does the documentary trace the development of man? 2. What are the manifestations of man’s use of his intellect in shaping his environment? 3. How do the Science Disciplines contribute to the study of history?

The documentary shows scientists in search of the origins of man. They are in search of the Real Eve. In the documentary, we see man adapt and continue to make differences in his life. His home, his food, the way he dresses up, etc. We see man continue to adjust to his environment. In the documentary, we see how science specifically genetics, trace the origins of man and bring to light discoveries about man and his past.


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How does the pre-historic man go beyond the natural impulse to survive? What are the manifestations of this “going beyond”?

Our ancestors had to defeat the world! Their surroundings, environment and co-inhabitants of the world were all considered enemies. In order to live and to survive, man knew he had to make changes and he knew he had to make these himself. He knew he needed to develop these. An example would be man’s realization of the need of a permanent settlement. He realized that this is the most convenient thing to do. He also realized that in order to prevent hunger, one must learn how to produce not only hunt food.


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How does Hektor’s characterization in book 6 enrich our idea of an epic hero?

The beauty of a story is you can go so deep in a character’s life. You feel so privileged to know about a character’s life; conscious of the fact that other characters are quite clueless.

The other Trojans see Hektor as that honorable man, which he is. A strong, noble and fearless man. Well, that is merely the tip of the iceberg. Little did they realize that under that cloak of honor and that eagerness to fight was a vulnerable man. He is a man who has a family. He has other duties and responsibilities. Hektor knows that he has a family; that he is responsible for that family. He knows that he needs to answer for his family but the question is why. Why did he continue to fight. It is this very reason that makes Hektor so distinct from the other characters in “Iliad”. His purpose is to defend his family and country. He has the perfect sense of purpose. That is what drives him to do everything he does; not for the sake of pride, women or fame but love.

Sometimes, it is what makes us vulnerable that makes us heroic. It is what makes us heroes. 

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Who are the modern day “Parises” and “Hektors”?

It is in stories such as the Iliad that one may see the aspects of being a better man or not. Stories of heroes and virtue never fail to display that certain basis of being better and being good. Paris demonstrates what a young man should not be. Most often than not, young people naturally tend to, due to that immature understanding with life, to do things that they will regret afterwards. On the other hand, some people, like Hektor, understand what life is in its entirety and can see it essence from the bigger perspective. A hero, a nobleman, a brother and what a man should ought to be. That is Hektor

Stories give us that distinction from what we should not to be to what we should aspire to be. I’m not saying that society should be uniformly identical. Rather, all must strive to be the better man. We must aspire to reach what these heroes have reached for that is the reason why they exist. Heroes shouldn’t be just figures which we look up to. Rather it is what we want to be. What we should be. #gwaposiGab #Literature

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Why did Homer give a long and detailed list of heroes in the 2nd Book of Iliad?

Hmmm. Unfortunately, I have yet to buy a copy of Homer’s Iliad therefore my answer will solely be based on our class discussions. These past days, in our classes, my teacher has overtly infused our classes with lessons on Philosophy and maybe a bit of Moral Theology. I consider it a good feat in both my World History and  Literature classes. It makes it more interesting.

I thought of an idea  when my teacher asked why Homer mentioned each person individually? What is the significance? Suddenly, I recalled the scene of Athena commanding Ahkilleus what is to be done. Then I also thought of what my teacher said. Why are the gods directly interfering with the affairs of man? Freedom is compromised. I think Homer mentioned all those names to emphasize the fact that these are individuals who freely volunteered to fight. They were free and they should never be deprived of this. 

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Is History an art or a science?

Well, if you think about it, art and science are two sides of the same coin. That coin is History. They are complementary and should never be in conflict. Both yearn for beauty, both yearn for the truth and how wonderful it would be if together, side by side, they discover the truths that embody humanity in its entirety.

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Why does man write literature? #LIT

We all wish to be understood. There is in all of us that certain urge to display ourselves, our thoughts, our ideas and our desires. If I’m not mistaken, Literature remains the best instrument to use to achieve this end.               

Of all the tunnels to use to express ourselves, I believe that Literature is the most artistic and yet the most straightforward of them all.

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